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Prescriptive Analytics

Consultants come out with all possible results and may occasionally give weightages to the possibilities and leave it to the decision maker. The decision maker then falls into a second stage of confusion with some shade better result.

Prescriptions are concrete advises that are expert opinions, those that do not leave the listener wondering.

Knowledge engine is a technology where requests give out responses under various changed conditions and constraints. These are then fed back to the engine to fine tune the answers through a progressively converging possibilities. This eventually leads to very authentic responses that have been sifted and filtered through all possible variances and nuances. That is the result through machine learning,

Machine learning has grown beyond mere hardware and digital rearrangement of results. Knowledge engine has come out much realized concrete solutions through various possible constraints, conditions and perspectives.

IDEATION uses her home grown products, solutions, process mechanisms proffering concrete prescriptions that are fully proven and are guaranteed to have been insulated against surprises.